Hi Everyone ❤︎ ☻︎

I thought it might be nice to start by introducing myself: 

- My first name is Claire and my middle name is Charisse …I had a hard time spelling that for far too long growing up🙈

- I’m a Leo, type 2 on the enneagram and if you meet me in person those are both very obvious 🦁💕

- After years in agencies, I am currently making a go of it as a online shop owner and illustrator.

- I was born in South Africa, but grew up in the States, moved to Europe (where I currently live) when I was 26 and travel as often as I can to visit my family who now live in Australia. 

- I love iced coffee, even in winter 💪🏼

- Fall is my favourite season and I can’t get enough of cute Halloween themed stuff 🦇

- I really love uplifting others and helping people feel loved and special… that is a big goal of mine with this blog!

Anything else you’d like to know? Ask away! 🥰

❤︎ Claire

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