Growing up, my mom taught me the phrase “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” What that meant was, if a thing was safe, healthy, and kind, but caused me to feel scared and therefore shy away from doing it/trying, I should acknowledge that fear but move past it and do it anyway.

This picture was taken around 7pm when the park near my flat is full of people. It was also the very first time I went outside to create content, i.e. pose in public 🙈😬 …and I totally felt the fear. 

I realised recently that I was living with some limiting idea that all the creative/beautiful/fun photos I see on social media were for other people to make…people with more followers, prettier/thinner people, people who were somehow more special or interesting than me. What a bummer, right?

But almost immediately after that thought came another: That idea is just a thought based out of fear and It. Is. Not. True. In fact, it is downright stupid. We are all the main characters in our own lives. We are all special and beautiful and interesting in our own way. And we all just get this one life. It is up to me to create the world I want to be living in. To create my own magic and my own happiness. 

So feeling the fear, I did it anyway. And I LOVE the pictures that came out of that experience. I hope this post inspired you to do whatever it is you want, that makes you happy and full of joy. ❤︎ Claire 

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